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Artist Statement

I am a multidisciplinary artist interested in photography, sculpture, painting and theatrical environments. Much of my current work finds itself at the intersection of two or more of these areas. Photography has become a focal point in my practice, in the sense that it can simultaneously incorporate my interests in making physical things and composing through a lens. Experimentation with analog approaches to lighting and material has been a driving force in my creativity. The resulting photographs are vignettes that touch on isolation, mystery, longing, transcendence, and otherworldliness. Ultimately my interests lie in the precarious nature of life somewhere near the edge, be it remote location or psychological space.

The arc of my photographic pursuits began soon after graduation from Mount Allison University in 1991. An early meandering focus in Halifax began to distill soon after moving to Newfoundland in 1998.

I am captivated by stark environments, both on land and at sea. The winters in Newfoundland are long and grey. In those early days, that scarcity of sunlight made an important impression on me. The result was that I began to create work that had, or appeared to have, its own internal light and energy. The vibrant colours of Newfoundland’s vernacular architecture made their way into my work – bright and eclectic colour palettes that have been used for generations as an antidote to the grey of the sea, sky, and rock. I continue to work with a simple flash, theatrical gels, reflective fabric, and retroreflective glass beads to make work that employs light as an avenue to meaning.

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