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Black Island Punt (2014)

Since my childhood I have been struck by the power and beauty of the ocean. It has also instilled in me a certain fear for its ability to give and to take away. It is generous but also unforgiving. Since coming to Newfoundland in 1998, a considerable number of my artistic works have involved water and light. Boats are fascinating vessels that tread that thin line between need and peril. For the Eastport Properties Water Street commission, I proposed that a full-scale Newfoundland punt be built (by renowned boat builder Jerome Canning) in a traditional manner out of locally harvested wood. There would be no planks fastened to the outside of the hull; rather, the ribs and all related framework would remain visible and I would install a large number of cathedral glass panels between its many ribs. The boat skeleton, stained glass and light would bring, at least for me, a magical quality that would hopefully transcend the earthly function of a working icon of this province.

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