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Bloodredlife (2013)

"In as far as Gill’s work is expressive and abstracted, it succeeds in documenting a current and alarming trend reflective of our time. He draws on both his own experiences and on images in the media that he has found profoundly disturbing to examine the pervasive role that violence holds in our society. The irony is not lost on Gill, that an age more connected than ever shows evidence of being thoroughly removed from the misfortune, humanity and suffering of others. He reflects his frustration through expressive lines and abstract elements that are for him part of an immediate and intuitive response. As well, he appropriates imagery he feels is indicative of this condition and his own story. All of these elements are compressed into compelling artworks that are vivid and raw."

     - George Harris. Bloodredlife: Exhibition Catalogue. Published by Two Rivers Gallery, Prince George, BC. October 2013. p. 22

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