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Cape Spear (2009)

Cape Spear is a video work that was shot from the shoreline, not far from North America’s most easterly point of land, just east of St. John's, Newfoundland. The concept involved launching light-filled fibreglass orbs into the ocean from a giant slingshot on the clifftop. I recorded video of the orbs in the water, over a several day period, as I sought out different conditions, like onshore wind and a variety of wave action. During the course of each shoot, the glow sticks inside the spheres would emit a vibrant light at first, which would slowly fade as time passed. This light “exhaustion” became a metaphor as the forms struggled against the sometimes-raging sea. The final scene saw the orbs washed up on shore, their life-force depleted. This was my first attempt at quasi-narrative video work. I’ve made three or four other videos since then, with this one being perhaps the most successful. I have come to the conclusion that, while I like to experiment in a variety of media, moving imagery as art form is not for me. I continue to work in digital still photography.

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