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Escapes (2022)

In the summer of 2022 a new series of work began to take shape and is ongoing.


As we transition back to normal routines post-pandemic, there are residual aspects of the lockdown that continue to influence my creative direction. It was remarkable in modern times to witness and experience a devastating worldwide health crisis. Shuttering so many institutions globally left people craving freedom from the parameters of their suddenly small worlds. This body of work reminds us that imaginary escapes are important and necessary forms of cognitive therapy in turbulent and stressful times.


These images were created using analog methods with light and object. This approach continues to be central to my creative process: the commitment to handmade in an increasingly digital world. In this case, although the imagery may look like digital manipulation, the means to the end was produced manually with long exposures, string lights, handmade rings and wheeled carts. The ever-increasing blur between real life and digital facsimile is fascinating to me. These images bridge the world of real and imagined.


Will Gill

September 2022

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