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Firefly (2011)

Living in the digital age offers some striking polarities in terms of interaction on a variety of levels. The rate at which information is processed and disseminated keeps increasing and communication happens instantaneously. The irony is that radically increased contact can foster psychological isolation and unlimited information can hamper clarity and promote confusion. For centuries, Newfoundland relied on word of mouth as a foundation for kindred community. Hyper-connectivity is firmly rooted now, but physical isolation, to a large extent, is what made this culture distinct in the first place. It remains to be seen how this will play out in the future. "Firefly" was a video project that tried to touch on these things, in the purest of ways - with light and movement as metaphor.

"Firefly" was a commission of Revised Projects and the New Forms Media Society for the Electric Speed Exhibition, curated by Kate Armstrong and Malcolm Levy in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was premiered at the Urban Screens project through The Surrey Art Gallery, in Surrey, British Columbia, in 2012.

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