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I graduated from Mount Allison University in New Brunswick in 1991, with a BFA in sculpture. I spent a few years floating in Halifax, Nova Scotia, before moving to St John’s, Newfoundland, in 1998 to begin work as an apprentice at a bronze casting foundry. It was a beautiful space on a 4-acre parcel of land just outside of the city, run by artist Luben Boykov, and John Evans. I was able to start making some of my own work, inspired largely by the natural setting and abundance of wood on the property. Initially I made use of rudimentary joinery to construct sculptures that alluded to journeys or paths we find ourselves on in life. Continuing to work in wood during my ten years at the foundry, I started to incorporate moving elements in some works and cast or welded elements in others. Themes gradually shifted from existential concerns to surveillance culture, pace and cycles of change, among other things. While some pieces revealed a dark underside, others celebrated life in all its wonder.

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