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Wall Work

This is a selection of work that was made during a transition from a primarily sculptural drive to one that became primarily two-dimensional, post 2010. The impetus for the change was a practical one. I went from having access to welders, wood working equipment and lots of space for sculptural work to relatively small studio spaces above street level which were more suitable for painting. In a bid to keep a connection with my sculptural interests I got a router and began to carve into panel and inlay wood back into the voids. Themes for the work varied quite a bit and derived from eclectic sources. The value of mystery and the unknown were important to me as it seemed that so much knowledge and information was available at our fingertips in the digital world that leaving certain things unfamiliar or mysterious was valuable too. I wasn’t advocating for stupidity, I just think that some things in life should be left to the imagination and so the idea of painting only snippets of story lines was, in itself, using enigma as subject matter.

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